Adult Therapy

Adult Therapy

I believe that we are born with an innate desire to live authentic and meaningful lives, but we can get stuck in patterns of behavior and thinking that disconnect us from ourselves and others and from our life goals.

Cynthia Engel

Depending on your treatment needs, I employ different methods, and offer practical and effective approaches for resolving simple to complex problems.

I have specialized training in The Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy (DNMS), an ego state therapy approach for treating adults with unresolved childhood attachment wounds.  This includes adults who experienced childhood trauma, neglect, enmeshment, or inadequate parenting.  It is based on what is known about how a child’s brain develops within a secure attachment relationship.  It applies specific and gentle protocols for treating adults with problems that are linked to, or exacerbated by unmet developmental needs.

More information about DNMS is available at the DNMS Institutes website​